1. AzureException extends RuntimeException

    Azure updated many of its Java libraries. Not only the (Maven-) groupId com.azure is new. Also exceptions were redesigned. Their principle reminds me of my first tries with Java. More…

  2. Failed Metaphors

    Another presentation about Agile Methods and again the one with the slides compares with Waterfall. In the end Agile Methods succeed by turning a stroller into a car. Waterfall only came up with something that looks as if a 3-year-old had put together all kinds of parts of different sizes in odd numbers which doesn't drive at all. More…

  3. Azure or Nothing Part 1

    VBScript was capable and incomplete. This tumor's creator surely went on to try pipelines. There are classic- and YAML-pipelines. And it wouldn't be Microsoft if the YAML standard is just someone else opinion and big M wouldn't ignore common sense. More…

  4. 2 Monitors one Touchscreen

    I often connect my laptop to a larger touch screen. Its touch events are misaligned if not re-configured. This can be adjusted With just xrandr and xinput in a single line. More…

    Touch events at the right place, June 2021 in Linux
  5. Upgrade Java Auto Modules

    Some Java libraries still have no modules-info.java. That is why they can not be packed with jlink into your projects. A simple script changes this. More…

  6. Hunting Ghosts

    For one task I need to start a group of services, provided through a docker-compose.yml. It worked yesterday and today I'll finish my task with a developer's test of the complete integration. But it needs seconds more than usual – I cultivated that feeling deep inside there's a delay thus there are going to be dragons ahead. More…

  7. KeepassXC Browser plugin

    For years I have been using KeepassXC and in some places even as browser plugin. Its auto typing sequence is very flexibile. But a drop down selection at the input fields for username/ password is much easier to handle. But this comes at a price. More…

  8. Repair a bike light

    The bike light has a built-in rechargeable Li-Ion battery. But it doesn't work anymore properly. Instead of lasting a few hours it turns dark after a few minutes. Charging nevertheless works properly. More…

  9. Scanner with Tcl/Tk

    No Python, no compiler, a simple grid layout to call scanimage. An easy tool for my 8year old to turn workbooks, tests and home schooling results into digital copies. More…

  10. Wonderdisk

    I often do hardware tests and compare Linux desktops. So I need many distributions bootable but also isolated. A handful of pen drives is the easiest solution. The following sections describe how to go one step further and bring them to a single USB disk. More…

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