1. Small Leather Things

    Leather is one of the oldest and most durable materials humans worked with. Just because of curiosity I made some small things from leather. This also enriched my experience. More…

  2. Eurasian nuthatch in paradise

    While heading for lunch we walked around the building as usual. There was a dead bird a Eurasian Nuthatch on the pebbled strip in front of the building. The wind played with the orange feathers. It doesn't feel cold anymore, no hunger, no hiding from predators. Does an animal move to a better world? Would it be better for it to live without fear? What would it be like without that little fear, some excitement, feeling hungry or a little shiver? Does being tired count as sorrow, maybe less than sweating? More…

    Will birds show up in heaven, January 2023 in Outer World
  3. Balcony Solar Dimensioning

    After two years of testing with different small panels it is time to get bigger. I'm planning to install a larger system for personal use. Size matters. More…

  4. AzureException extends RuntimeException

    Azure updated many of its Java libraries. Not only the (Maven-) groupId com.azure is new. Also exceptions were redesigned. Their principle reminds me of my first tries with Java. More…

  5. Boot from RAID of an ASUS PRO WS X570-ACE

    The homeserver received a major upgrade to do more tasks. I chose an ASUS PRO WS X570-ACE as its mainboard. It provides sufficient bandwidth especially PCIe lanes. In addition to a true RAID controller I want to use the mainboard's RAID controller, too. Rumors had it that this should be bootable even from the two available NVMe slots. The proof of the pudding is in the eating. More…

    It should basically work, August 2022 in Gentoo
  6. Failed Metaphors

    Another presentation about Agile Methods and again the one with the slides compares with Waterfall. In the end Agile Methods succeed by turning a stroller into a car. Waterfall only came up with something that looks as if a 3-year-old had put together all kinds of parts of different sizes in odd numbers which doesn't drive at all. More…

  7. Man Pages as HTML is hard

    I really like to link to valuable sources in my articles. Man pages are a hard problem. There are sites out there delivering them as HTML but not very handy. More…

  8. Azure or Nothing Part 1

    VBScript was capable and incomplete. This tumor's creator surely went on to try pipelines. There are classic- and YAML-pipelines. And it wouldn't be Microsoft if the YAML standard is just someone else opinion and big M wouldn't ignore common sense. More…

  9. 2 Monitors one Touchscreen

    I often connect my laptop to a larger touch screen. Its touch events are misaligned if not re-configured. This can be adjusted With just xrandr and xinput in a single line. More…

    Touch events at the right place, June 2021 in Linux
  10. Upgrade Java Auto Modules

    Some Java libraries still have no modules-info.java. That is why they can not be packed with jlink into your projects. A simple script changes this. More…

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John Ankarström

Susam Pal

Sorting in Emacs


In this article, we will perform a series of hands-on experiments that demonstrate the various Emacs commands that can be used to sort text in different ways. There is sufficient documentation available for these commands in the Emacs …Susam Pal

Transcript of Elon Musk on stage with Dave Chapelle


This is a transcription of videos Elon Musk's appearance on stage with Dave Chapelle using OpenAI's Whisper model with some manual error corrections and annotations for crowd noise.</p> As with the <a href="https://danluu.com/elon-twitter-text